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Your desserts or chocolate creations aren’t finished until you throw in a splash of color. Our wide range of dyes and sprays give your creations the finish they deserve. Place an accent on the outside to make you creation pop just that little bit more. After all: Seeing you eat, making you eat.


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Choco cool 400 ml

Foodcolour powder black E153

Foodcolour powder blue E132

Foodcolour powder bronze

Foodcolour powder gold

Foodcolour powder green E102-132

Foodcolour powder orange E110

Foodcolour powder white-pearl

Foodcolour powder dark red E122

Foodcolour powder red E124

Foodcolour powder silver

Foodcolour powder white E171

Foodcolour powder yellow E102

Foodcolour spray blue

Foodcolour spray bronze

Foodcolour spray yellow

Foodcolour spray gold

Foodcolour spray green

Foodcolour spray copper

Foodcolour spray orange

Foodcolour spray red

Foodcolour spray pink

Foodcolour spray silver

Foodcolour spray black

“Choose a color which suits you the best”

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