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Confectionery & Raw materials

Flavoring with character

Everything you need to build your sweet creations from scratch: baking mixes, glucose, pastry cream, almond paste, nougat, fudge cubes and much, much more. Here’s a category dedicated to bulk home bakers. Surprise your guests with an unconventional combination of secret ingredients like popping candy. Really, it’s all up to you.


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Black cookie crumble

Butterscotch light

Fudge cubes choc

Fudge cubes mini

Fudge cubes

Green rose leaf (edible paper)

Hazelnut crisp

Macaroons mini

Marshmallow drops micro (white/pink/yellow/orange)

Marshmallow drops mini (white/pink/yellow/green)

Merengue straws white

Nougat granulate

Nuts (crispy) with peanut taste

Wafer crumbs

Popping candy (chocolate coated)

Popping candy

Almond paste


Florentine powder


Glucose syrup





Yellow cream powder

Confetti round shapes

Hearts mini (red/pink/white)

“From scratch towards your beautiful sweet creations”

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