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Crispy & Chocolate

Temptation in texture and cocoa

Are you dipping, finishing, garnishing or looking for texture with a bite? These crispies and chocolate products are just the ticket. Fancy a classic melted chocolate dip, chocolate minis or chocolate curls? An absolute treat for anyone.


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Chocolate fanderol duo

Chocolate spaghetti dark

Chocolate spaghetti white

Chocolate coating (chocodip)

Chocolate tubes dark

Chocolate curls marbled

Chocolate curls milk

Chocolate curls dark

Chocolade curls white

Chocolate mega curls marbled

Chocolate mega curls dark

Choco mini's

Mocca beans dark

Chocolate pajets

Crispy balls dark

Crispy balls milk

Crispy balls strawberry

Crispy balls white/dark/milk

Crispy balls white/dark/milk 4mm.

Crispy balls Hoki Poki 4mm.

Crispy balls Hoki Poki 2mm.

Crispy pearls blue

Crispy pearls gold & silver

Crispy pearls gold

Crispy pearls pink

Crispy pearls silver

Crispy pearls white-pearl

“Delicious cocoa with unique structures”

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