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Nonpareils / 100s & 1000s

Just like the olden days

The soft serve ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles that you used to get as a kid. Or the Christmas cookies. Or the homemade cake, decorated with colorful hundreds and thousands. Everyone has warm childhood memories adorned with nonpareils. Eat them, and get taken back to the olden days.


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Nonpareils blue

Nonpareils brown

Nonpareils dark green

Nonpareils yellow

Nonpareils gold

Nonpareils light green

Nonpareils mix S.200

Nonpareils orange

Nonpareils red

Nonpareils pink

Nonpareils white

Nonpareils silver

Nonpareils black

Nonpareils dark lila

“Just like in the olden days, but also for the present”

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